Suffield Public Schools Go Wireless

New technology will aid in teaching and learning.

Suffield schools took a giant technological leap forward this summer with the installation of wireless infrastructure throughout district buildings.

During a presentation at the Suffield Board of Education meeting Wednesday night, Director of Technology Becky Osleger described the project and plans going forward.

More than 1,000 feet of cable and wireless routers were installed this summer and now make computers and ipads easier to use in the classroom. No longer do connections points travel around the buildings on portable carts causing delays and time-outs.

Osleger and Larry Plano, director of facilities, installed the 1,000 feet of cable and other equipment themselves.

“We learned while we did it,” she explained.

According to Osleger, not contracting out likely saved the schools $40-$50,000 in addition to the cost-savings found by working with nearby districts also in installing wifi.

“We helped each other out,” she said.

Superintendent Karen Baldwin described the upcoming development of a K-12 committee of technology teacher-leaders that will coordinate professional development for staff as well as link curriculum and digital learning.

Board member Jeanne Gee said she would like to see examples of digital learning on the district website for the community to see first-hand.

“So they can see what’s going on inside the classroom and the meaning of the things we are pursuing budget-wise,” she explained.

Board member Bob Eccles seemed pleased with the progress and noted  “this is another thing that we’re doing that seem could be a benefit to the town side (of government.)” 

Baldwin said she looked into working with the town earlier this year to develop the wifi system together but there was little interest or support from town officials at that time. 

Sami Mehmed Jr September 21, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Fantastic. Great use of technology. Just wondering, why this didn't happen sooner. Town government should jump on board. How much can it cost versus the overall budget? Maybe the resistance isn't $. Great job Becky Osleger for moving the use of technology forward, learning during the installation and keeping the overall cost down, Maybe the next step will be clouding computing.


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