State Panel Suggests Student Test Results be Part of Teacher Evals

The Performance Evaluation Advisory Council has told the state Board of Education that student and parental input should also play a role in evaluating teachers.


The state Board of Education next week will consider recommendations from the Performance Evaluation Advisory Council, a panel charged with reviewing the way teacher evaluations are performed, which will include proposals that teachers be evaluated, to a large degree, by how well their students perform on standardized tests.

The council also has suggested to the state board that annonymous input from parents and students be considered when teachers are evaluated, according to a report in the Connecticut Mirror.

The board will consider the council's recommendations when it meets next week.

The change in the way the state's 50,000 public school teachers are evaluated is the result of a sweeping education reform law that was pushed by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy in the last legislative session and approved by the General Assembly.

Malloy's reform proposals were widely criticized by teachers and their unions, but a compromise package was eventually approved. That deal sets in place, for the first time, a system by which teacher tenure and decisions on firing teachers will be tied to their evaluations, reviews that in turn will be tied to student performance.

The state Board of Education is now hammering out the details of how the new process will be implemented.

My Opinion June 22, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Agreed tha the Parent hav a significant role in their childrens education, BUT, childrens learning is still a reflection of the Teachers ability to teach the material. I agree with using testing annonymous input from parents ti evaluate the Teachers perfomance.
Jerry O'Connor June 22, 2012 at 05:02 PM
The mission of public education is to educate ALL the public. I’m pretty sure that has to include saving the kids whose parents are lazy, unmotivated, and unconvinced of the need for their children to have a sound fundamental education in order to prosper in later life. I’m not saying that’s easy. But that’s the mission. And whining about how much easier it would be if all the parents were like the best parents isn’t going to help. If our current educators don’t think they can do it, or prove by their performance that they cannot, then – teachers unions be damned – we need to replace them with folks who think they can and then go on to prove it. And we need to do it on an urgent basis. For if we write off a percentage of this generation of school kids as “uneducable” they will go and do what uneducated young kids do best – produce more uneducated/uneducable kids.
Ken June 22, 2012 at 06:34 PM
Jerry that's a pretty short sighted approach to things. Unless you can fairly evaluate teachers and exclude outside factors they have no control over then your entire evaluation process is useless, and liable to give you poor results. A very competent teacher could wind up with students who perform poorly on standardized tests simply because those students weren't sent to school prepared to learn, or prepared to take that test, by their parents. Comparing that teacher to someone who isn't as good, but who had a better crop of students to work with is ridiculous and extremely misleading. Trying to evaluate teachers and basing staffing decisions on evaluations is a good idea. But a better evaluation tool than the scores of their students on standardized tests needs to be used.
J. L. June 23, 2012 at 01:52 PM
Why would anyone want to be a teacher anymore? Jerry you are not short sighted, you are ignorant! I am a teacher and I am dedicated to every student in my room. However, evaulating us based on test performance is ignorant. My scores vary from year to year. If I have special education students in my classroom my scores decrease, but when I do not my scores increase greatly. Whining because we want parents to raise well behaved respectful children? Jerry, I implore you to step into a classroom for a month and tell us if you enjoyed watching a disrespectful child ruin the learning for all the other children? Then, tell us if you enjoyed dealing with parents who in no way help correct the situation, but instead make it worse. Jerry, school systems are not failing because of today's educators. They are failing because of ignorant people like yourself!
LMH June 23, 2012 at 02:35 PM
Teachers are expected to work miracles these days. In what other profession are professionals treated with the lack of appreciation and disrespect that teachers are faced with today? If a physician doesn't succeed in getting his obese patient to modify his behavior in order to bring about a better outcome, is the physician to blame? Of course not. You can only lead a horse to water...


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