Board of Finance Approves Bonding Projects

The Suffield Board of Finance approved the four bonding projects proposed by the Board of Selectmen at the finance board's meeting on Monday.

The Suffield Board of Finance recommended the Board of Selectmen call a special town meeting to authorize the appropriation and borrowing for the four bonding projects previously presented to them at the finance board's meeting on Monday night.

The four projects, Town Hall renovations, road and drainage repair, new fire trucks and a new library, will now be voted on in a town meeting tentatively scheduled for the middle of March. The earliest a referendum could be held is April 19.

“Right now, the intent is to call the town meeting on the 17th of March,” said First Selectman Tom Frenaye after the projects were approved.

The Town Hall renovations and road and drainage projects passed unanimously, 6-0. Board members Ryan Anderson and Brian Kost voted against the fire trucks project, which passed 4-2. Kost was also the sole dissenter on the library vote, which was approved 5-1.

The projects were voted on in quick succession, as most questions about the projects had been addressed in previous meetings.

The projects will cost $13.2 million to the town. Town Hall improvements will cost $1.9 million; road and drainage improvements will cost $3.1 million, new fire trucks and other equipment will cost $1.4 million; and the new library will cost $8.4 million, with $1.5 million of the library money to come from outside fundraising.

Kost raised an issue with the official language regarding the $1.5 million that will be contributed to the library project from outside sources. He pointed out that the bonding document said the town is appropriating $8.4 million for the project, although they are only authorizing $6.9 million in spending. Other board members agreed the language was acceptable if not immediately evident.

“As it’s written, I think it’s binding,” said board alternate James Lennon.

Sami Mehmed Jr March 08, 2011 at 04:45 AM
What can anyone say about the BOF at this point or the BOS. One relatively new member of the BOF understands the financial issues and the impact on the town, while the other members choose to ignore the financial issues hiding behind a worthless piece of paper. **** Look fellow citizens we have attempted to control the budget ***. Maybe its what we call "politics". We have been told bye a fellow citizen that the library commission does not have the 1.5 million. The difference between 8.4 and and 6.9 is, wow, 1.5! What do we do with the extra 1.5 million if its not spent? ..... oh! Just pay interest on the amount regardless and place it in the rainy day fund. Lets just get the vote over with, stop misleading us and lets move on so the town budget can grow at an annual rate of 3%, (play the 3% over and over again.. look at the past few years). This train is definitely out of control because of its monopoly status and ability to spend your dollars legally. Respectfully, a no vote for a new library.
Paul Mancinone March 08, 2011 at 06:10 PM
A new bricks and mortar library, in this digital age, in a "conversative" town. The children do give me hope. They have GOT to be smarter than what I am witnessing right now.


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