Animal Control Officer moonlighting on town's dime?

Moonlighting on tax payer's dime?
Moonlighting on tax payer's dime?
I drive by the VFW often and cannot help but notice that the town animal control officer is frequently there while on duty as the town's animal control officer.  Most recently I waited only to see that he was there for nearly an hour.  I bring this up as a taxpayer who is concerned that we are either wasting valuable tax dollars, or they may be some who take advantage.  In this case, I found out that the Animal Control Officer also runs the bar at the VFW on the side.  I have driven by there several times only to see his vehicle parked outside.  This is the only time I became too infuriated to stop and take a picture.  If this makes you mad as well, I suggest you call the police chief and complain.  Our tax dollars can be better spent!  


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