Who's Coming and Who's Going

Sixteen homes were sold in Suffield in a three-week period through Aug. 31, 2012, with the highest price being $663,500.

The following real estate transfers were recorded in the  office through August 31, 2012.

50 Cedar Crest Lane - $663,500
Buyer: Brookfield Global Relocation Services, LLC
Sellers: Jeffrey and Pamela Stirling

50 Cedar Crest Lane - $663,500
Buyers: Brian and Melissa Finnigan
Seller: Brookfield Global Relocation Services, LLC

1830 Hill Street - $249,000
Buyer: Gina Smith
Sellers: Patrick and Deborah Gaskell

20 Second Street - $207,350
Buyer: Stephen Tellier
Sellers: Francis and Stephanie Parnin

141 Silver Creek Drive - $479,000
Buyers: Michael Woods and Jan de Ubl
Sellers: John and Patience Patchet

32 Lise Circle - $644,971.69
Buyers: Paul and Isabel Russo
Seller: Briarwood Homes, Inc.

92 Spring Lane - $108,000
Buyer: Christopher LaBonte
Seller: Brian Phelps

31 Lise Circle - $638,843.54
Buyer: Timothy Fiore
Seller: Briarwood Homes, Inc.

875 Overhill Drive - $218,000
Buyer: June Forman
Sellers: Brian and Melissa Staunton

37 Willow Creek - $481,000
Buyer: Kurt Wiesel
Sellers: Robert and Kathleen Grant

29 Green Briar Drive - $275,000
Buyers: Nancy and Gerald LaPlante
Seller: Rose Abdou

41 Sunny View Drive - $346,500
Buyers: Brian and Melissa Staunton
Sellers: Brian and Melissa Finnigan

8 Whitfield Way - $443,000
Buyers: Jason and Gundi Lobo
Seller: Realdev Corp.

119 W. Bluegill Lane - $156,500
Buyer: Judith Booth
Sellers: Xiaozhov Shen and Yan Wu

41 Pleasantview Drive - $261,500
Buyer: Suzanne Maillet
Seller: Lynn Liquore

4 Lafountain Road - $475,000
Buyer: Srinivassan Aravamudhan
Seller: Briarwood Homes, Inc. 


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